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           Cool Language Game App!

Check out this cool app that teaches you Spanish through a adventure and mini-games.







Learn Spanish Adventure teaches you Spanish while playing arcade and story games. Repetition helps you learn and retain vocabulary while exciting game play keeps you engaged. You are on a quest to stop Mr. Malo from destroying the languages of the world. Can you gain knowledge points and unlock the tomb to face him? Follow the story or jump right into an arcade game. Perfect if you enjoy games and want to learn Spanish.


  • Over 6 arcade games with multiple waves and levels
  • Pirate Cove: sea adventure game
  • Space Orbit: outer space game
  • Town: learn Spanish phrases at fun locations
  • Over 200 native word pronunciations
  • Over 1000 vocabulary words
  • Over 300 phrases and extensive story with side by side English and Spanish
  • Random vocabulary, category vocabulary, and verb practice modes
  • Easy, medium, and hard game and language settings
  • Point, medal, and badge achievements
  • Touch optimized, and work with a mouse/keyboard as well

Click any of the links listed to download a free demo.;1


Interactive Science! 



Paper models

A super cool site with free paper models  that include paper insects, buildings, dinosaurs, science models and MORE!!

Paper Model site

A Paper BMW car model  by  CARTA

Orange BMW

Great little paper model of the Mars Lander.

Balloon Powered Phoenix Mars Lander Model  by Steve Widmark


Videos! (Soon to become Think Tank Kids TV)

Mars Curiosity!

Here is excellent animation of the Mars landing.

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Medford, OR


About Think Tank Kids

About William

William Hennes has 20 years of experience in the field of teaching, and designing and implementing events/activities for children. William is a professional model maker working with engineers to build prototypes. He also holds a vast knowledge of technology and robotics and currently teaches robotics and electronics workshops. In the summer, William teaches video game design to teens at Southern Oregon University's Academy programs.  William's history also includes holding a position as an animator and computer modeler for Lucas Arts Entertainment, a division of Lucas film. William has been running his TTK programs for 3 years teaching kids about rockets, robotics, engineering, animation, electronics and design. over 20 years of experience coaching gymnastics to preschoolers up to adults. William was trained and mentored by Nancy Kludt, 1984's Olympic Women's beam coach for Pam Bileck and Ron Ludwig, former head women's coach for Oregon State.

"I love being a big kid!  Using the imagination to stretch the brain and create cool and useful things!" - William

William's expertise covers a wide spectrum from computer animation to modeling/rigging to character design to robotic design to puppetry, and  his passion to continue to grow in his many arts is a true inspiration!" - Shawn Kelly - Senior Animator Lucas Film/ Founder


About Michelle

Michelle has a vast knowledge of preschoolers and child development.  Michelle was also a competitive gymnast and has a love of teaching. Michelle is also the birthday party coordinator and expert b-day party planner.

"We always looking for ways to upgrade and implement new techniques in our programs.  Our preschool and school age gymnastic programs are the most current available and we work with some of the most knowledgeable leaders in this field." - Michelle