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"Some of the biggest highlights of our school year were the classes by William at Think Tank Kids! Our three boys really enjoyed the Homeschool PE class. They kept active, made new friends, and could not have had more fun (Where else can you bring Nerf weapons to class?)! The Robot Gladiators and Air Rockets were hands on, creative, and a big hit as well!" - Karen




TASK Robotics!

Ages 7 and up

In this program students build a robot/rover using a variety of different parts and building practices. Rovers will us sensors built by students to help navigate a space and students will learn the programming necessary to accomplish this.  Students will also be introduced 3D printing and creating their own parts for their robots.  Students get to keep what they make. Topics include;

  • Chasse Design
  • Basic building skills
  • Deductive reasoning skills
  • Logic Path
  • Basic programming
  • Principles of 3D printing
  • Basic electronics

 Cost: $50  1 class per week plus a $60 one time materials fee

Mondays 4 - 5:30

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Video Game Design

Ages 8 and up

 In this class students will explore what working in a real game company environment is like while designing, building and coding their own game. This class is targeted for the beginner or intermediate and who wants to learn more about how make and design games.  Topics Include;

  • Player Movement
  • Sprite Creation
  • Graphics
  • Animation
  • Player Firing/attacking
  • Enemy (AI) movement
  • Backgrounds
  • Camera Movement
  • Game save and loading
  • HTML5 formatting

     Cost: $60  1 class per week

Wed 4:30 - 6:00


Tuesdays 4 - 5:30

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